wanting, having, being, destroying

There’s a direct visual quote from Persona (1966) in the second season of Hannibal, Bryan Fuller’s ill-fated, gregarious romp about the eponymous cannibal played by Mads Mikkelsen and his nemesis/soulmate played by Hugh Dancy. Just like in Persona, we see each actor’s face reflected, halved, and stitched together down the centre — Mikkelsen’s serenity hiding hilarity, Dancy’s reserve hiding the rangy nerve of a middle animal on the food chain. The new unnerving homunculus face suggests the characters’ superimposition and dependency. Mikkelsen and Persona’s Liv Ullman even have slightly alike, eyebrowless Scandinavian faces. Hannibal can never go as far as Persona with this type of experiment, since there’s not enough runtime in a television episode to play the same conversation twice.

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a story about the post label on a copy of a community newsletter from 1997

In 2017, I was finishing my undergraduate degree with a project for an XML course where we were directed to digitize a piece of analog media. I discovered that my university had an archive of documents from the women’s movement. Among those documents were several years’ issues of a local lesbian newsletter. I descended to the archive to scan the yellowing documents and stitched together a PDF so that I could transcribe the content. For this task, I used my notebook laptop the size of a day planner, which was cracked from a fall off the hood of my family’s moving car. I sat in the cinema-coffeeshop on campus, or in a bar downtown where a presumed tattoo artist with stretched lobes and a lichenous beard doodled on a napkin beside me.

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